Sailing for clean water

DOKano wants to contribute to behavioral change, the development of sustainable cities and the achievement of climate objectives. That is why we lend out two free canoes per sailing day at the weekend, in exchange for a bucket of floating dirt. In the meantime, you can see the historic city center of Ghent from the water. Recreational boating, with or without fishing dirt, is possible on weekends during the boating season from 13 pm till 17 pm. We are located near Dampoort station. Book your boat at

We have also developed the Clean Water Project for youth and do teambuildings for companies. We have a slightly utopian dream that one day we will be able to swim among the dolphins in Ghent! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

The team of the non-profit organization DOKano

Jo Verhenne - Part-time Bio-engineer, part-time freelance writer and screenwriter.

Maarten Demeester - Educator who knows all about solar panels.

Hans Marly - Recovery mediator at vzw Parcours and urban nature maker at 300 Bomen vzw.

Wouter Wousen - Journalist with paddle and pen.

Steven De Koker - The handiest Harry of the Harrys.

Our partners

For fishing dirt we work together with, among others, Refu-interim, Ivago and the Vlaamse Waterweg.

Come sail with us!

Vzw DOKano strictly follows the Covid measures, based on information from the federal and Flemish Government.